Private Coaching

Whether you are an experienced racer or a new enthusiast of the sport, you need quality advice to improve your driving. Mike has experience across many platforms, which allows him to analyze your driving and aid in setup changes regardless of what type of car you have. His driving skills are supplemented by years of instruction experience, which help him to communicate the general principles that can be applied to any car or track you visit.  

There are countless variables that must be considered when trying to get the most out of you and your equipment, so improve the learning curve by drawing on Mike’s extensive experience. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an event, please contact Mike directly.

Spending time with Mike is effective. There is no substitute for hour after hour of total focused 1:1 time. You could do 40 track days on your own and not gain the insights that an hour with Mike will provide. Sure, there’s usually a hotshoe at the track that can run a session with you and show you some variations on “the line”. But with Mike you will spend far more time on the kind of subtleties that casual tips won’t address. And it is those subtleties, that you are unlikely to learn on your own, that separate the rear third from the front third of the pack.

Scott Gress

I was extremely impressed with [Mike’s] knowledge of the track, his skill in communicating the nuances of the track to me, and his calm and positive suggestions throughout the day. He was able to reduce my stress level tremendously. He passed an incredible amount of information to me simply and clearly. He has what I believe every great coach should – the combination of a pleasing personality and being a clear and positive communicator.

David Sinnot

Mike showed me where he was faster, but more importantly, why he was faster and what I needed to do differently to get up to speed. He also showed me data analysis techniques that I didn’t even know existed. The data analysis lesson was worth the cost alone.

Brian McDaniel

I found Mike’s instruction to be some of the most valuable time I’ve spent in the car. I noticed immediate improvements not only in my lap times but also in my understanding of what the car was doing and why. I have to admit that I was surprised to find that our time analyzing and discussing the Traqmate data was equally valuable. Mike was able to look at my data and point out a number of things that I had missed while we were in the car. Mike is not only a good driver but a good teacher as well (and I should know, I’ve been in the teaching business for 20+ years). Money and time well spent!

Fred Switzer