Charlotte, NC –

Mike Skeen to leave road racing and begin horse racing by jockeying RUN LIKE YOU STOL IT. The duo’s first race will take place at Los Alamitos Race Course in Los Alamitos, CA, April 7-9th.

With the Long Beach Grand Prix only a week away, teams are preparing and loading cars for the haul to the famous street circuit. Things are a bit different for Mike Skeen. After being denied entry into one of the largest events on the IMSA calendar, Mike Skeen was lured away from auto racing and steered towards horse racing.

Skeen was lured away from Lone Star Racing from Dan Knox’s wife, Erin Knox. This has caused an upset with the team at Lone Star Racing while team manager, AJ Petersen, scrambles to fill the empty seat. “I knew I needed to get a contract and schedule put together for Mike, but I never thought he would be stolen by someone so close,” states Petersen. Petersen adds that he is “in shock” after receiving the news.

The decision was made early this week, with training beginning immediately at the Knox Family farm. Skeen’s first race will be aboard RUN LIKE YOU STOL IT (Stoli x ruby runned oft, streakin La Jolla) trained by the one and only Paul Jones, multiple Trainer of the Year recipient. “This brings me back to my SpecE30 days of low horsepower. I’m really excited for the opportunity provided to me by the Knox family. I’ve grown fond of Dan and Erin over the past season and I look forward to winning more races with them,” states Skeen. Skeen further adds “I know I’m a little tall to be a jockey, but with my background, I’m sure I’ll be up to speed in no time.”

After signing his new contract, Dan and Erin Knox gifted Skeen with Mike Skeen the Donkey to assist in honing his skills. Erin Knox states “Before each race, I tell Dan and Mike to drive like they’re in a rental car–now he gets to RUN LIKE HE STOL IT!” Dan Knox was unavailable for comment, however, Erin insists “Dan is excited to see Skeen racing again.”

Skeen will continue to operate under the Mike Skeen Racing name for his horse racing career. Follow @mikeskeenracing on Instagram and Twitter for all the latest updates. If you read this far, then enjoy our April Fool’s joke and stay tuned for 2017 auto racing news.

Photos courtesy of Erin Knox.